Animals Fashion Buckle Harness


The eye-catching Animals buckle harness for smaller pets is a super-easy, step-in harness that sports a unique and interesting look based on animal patterns. So easy: just step in, up over the shoulders, and snap! The fabric is flexible, lightweight, and strong. A minimal footprint on the pet affords exceptional comfort and style. The design diverts pressure off the spine and trachea. Made in Italy

Available colors: Zebra, Fuchsia (pink leopard), Giraffe, Tiger.
Available sizes: 1.0 (XXS), 1.5 (XS), 2.0 (S), 2.5 (M), 3.0 (L)

NOTE: This harness has no adjustments. Measure carefully and consult the Sizing Guide. For tricky fit situations, consider the Animals Strap model.