Outback Jack Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chew


Give your dog something positive to chew on with the Outback Jack Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chew. It’s made from 100% natural water buffalo, which are free range and grass fed for the purest quality. Perfect for tough chewers, this chew offers all kinds of benefits in one satisfying package. It’s high in protein and low in fat, which helps support a healthy diet, and the natural texture helps promote healthy teeth and gums. It’s safe to say that your favorite pair of shoes doesn’t do that! And the long-lasting texture will keep them occupied - and your shoes safe - for a good amount of time.

Key Benefits:

  • All-natural chew is made from free-range, grass-fed water buffalo horns.
  • A great way to occupy powerful chewers and promote positive behavior.
  • Non-splintering and non-abrasive, it’s completely ingestible and safe for dogs.
  • Natural texture helps to clean teeth and gums as they chew, so it’s great for dental health.
  • Featuring 88.4% protein, it’s low in fat and appealing to dog’s natural cravings.
  • Additional Details
  • Make sure the horn is the appropriate size for your dog. Take away broken-off pieces from your dog. As with all treats please, supervise chewing.