Bumper Mouse Motorized Cat Toy



Petlinks Bumper Mouse Motorized Cat Toy gives your cat a heavy dose of fun with its quick, erratic movements that imitate real prey. Just turn it on and place it on a smooth surface, and this fun, fast-moving toy’s pivoting wheel axel will keep your kitty guessing — turning in wild circles and retreating in a new direction each time it hits an object. It helps to safely satisfy your cat’s instinctive drive to hunt. This toy also encourages exercise, enticing even inactive cats to chase, pounce and leap. And since cats evolved to explore and stalk prey on their own, this toy — designed for solo play — can enrich your cat’s life while you enjoy watching all the action.

Key Benefits

  • Quick, erratic movements imitate real prey
  • Fulfills your cat’s need for solo play, while you watch
  • Safely satisfies your cat’s instinctive drive to hunt
  • Encourages exercise, even with inactive cats
  • Batteries included (2x AAA)