Dome 2 Break Set Earth Series

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Best New Series with UV99% protection and UPF50+

Dome Cots are versatile, chic and classic.

The lightweight and versatile AirBuggy pet stroller frame is the ultimate daily tool. The AirBuggy for Pet Dome series can easily interchange with an AirBuggy shopping basket for true multi-purpose use.

NEW Technology:

  • Hand Made Vegan leather handle which is easier to hold and keep clean.
  • Vegan leather Multi Holder with cool and heat retention function.
  • Cot's and Basket's material: Denim with UV99% Cut, UPF50+


  • The AirBuggy for Pet Dome series features compatible frames that fold to just under 11 inches (27 cm).
  • Hand Brake to control the speed for the safety(KARASAWA brand).
    • The detachable cot comes with a shoulder strap.


    • The SM-size Stroller is perfect for small pets.

    • The M-size stroller is perfect for multiple small or one medium-sized pets



    DOME2 BRAKE SET Includes:
    • Frame
    • Dome Cot (Bottom board and shoulder belt inside)
    • Dome Attachment adaptor
    • Two Rear Tires
    • Air Pump
    • Wrist Strap
    Specs: Dome 2 Brake series (SM) Dome 2 Brake series (M)


    39 in (99 cm) 39 in (99 cm)


    38 in (96 cm)

    38 in (96 cm)


    21 in (53.5 cm)

    23 in (58 cm)


    25 lb (11.2 kg)

    26 lb (11.9 kg)

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