Pop-Up Pee Pad, Election Edition

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BARK THE VOTE! The new Election Edition of the Pop-Up Pee Pad features both presidential candidates, on opposing sides of the Pop-Up Pee Pad. Your dog gets to "cast" their vote... all over his/her ballot.

  • Never before has there been a greater sense of... urgency
  • Your doodie to your country (and floors, furniture, and owner's sanity) depends on this moment
  • Vote with clarity (or get to a veterinarian) and aim true
  • Bask in the warmth of what you've accomplished. Either way, you're a Weiner

The same great features from our Original Pop-Up Pee Pad

  • The 8.5" tall, 3D hydrant-shaped target is pre-attached, automatically deploys, and folds for easy setup and disposal
  • Multi-layer absorbent target and base
  • Built-in attractant
  • The base pad is 22" x 23.5" and has a leak-proof backing
  • Patent: US 9,532,546
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