Cranberries and Blueberries have been proven to prevent infection in the bladder and urinary tract by way of natural anti-adhesion compounds called PROANTHOCYANIDINS (P.A.C.’s).
P.A.C.’s block the adhesion of bacteria on the mucosal walls of the bladder and urinary tract by forming a slippery barrier.  Once the P.A.C.’s have done their job and have created the slippery barrier, bacteria are unable to adhere or “stick” to the lining and are washed away in the urine. 

P.A.C.'s also promote a healthy immune response due to their proven Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant properties.  
Always consult with your Veterinarian before giving supplements to your pet.
Suggested Amount: As a preventative to Urinary Tract Infection, give twice per day for TWO WEEKS.  Reduce to TWICE PER WEEK after the initial two weeks for maintenance. 
Pet Weight  /  Amount
  • 00 - 25 Lbs: 1 Scoop 
  • 25 – 50 Lbs: 2 Scoops
  • 51 – 100 Lbs: 3 Scoops
  • 100 Lbs +: 4 Scoops