Teddy Strap Harness



The Teddy strap harness for small and medium dogs is extra soft and comfy, ideal for hairless pets or those who just love softness!

The adjustable strap closure offers sizing flexibility and can be a problem solver. With the strap synched tight, the harness remains comfortable but offers no escape, making it ideal for escape-prone dogs and superb for cats or other small pets. With the ability to open and close the strap, it can be an excellent choice for puppies or young dogs who need a harness that grows with them. The harness is extremely flexible and lightweight, with reflective stitching. A minimal footprint on the pet affords extreme comfort. The clever design diverts pressure off the spine and trachea.

Made in Italy with high-quality materials. Simple and smart for both pet and owner.

  • Innovative harness for small and medium pets features soft and fluffy "teddy bear" material.
  • Extra soft and comfy.
  • Great for hairless breeds.
  • Elegant design with minimal footprint on the pet.
  • Ergonomic fit takes pressure off the spine and trachea.
  • No over-the-head anxiety
  • No underarm chaffing.
  • Mesh material is hypoallergenic, strong, flexible, lightweight, and comfortable.
  • Stainless steel rings.
  • High-quality stitching.
  • Reflective stitch helps with visibility.
  • Available colors: Blue, Fuchsia, Green.