Animals Fashion Strap Harness DISCONTINUED


The eye-catching Animals Strap harness for smaller pets features a unique look based on animal patterns. The adjustable strap closure offers sizing flexibility and can be a real problem solver. With the strap cinched tight, the harness remains comfortable but offers no escape, making it ideal for escape-prone dogs and superb for cats and other small pets. With the ability to open and close the strap, it can be an excellent choice for puppies or young dogs who need a harness that grows with them. The fabric is flexible, lightweight, and strong. A minimal footprint on the pet affords extreme comfort. Also diverts pressure off the spine and trachea. Made in Italy.

Available colors: Zebra, Fuchsia (pink leopard), Giraffe, Tiger.
Available sizes: 1.0 (XXS), 1.5 (XS), 2.0 (S), 2.5 (M), 3.0 (L)

See SIZING GUIDE for weights and measurements.