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Water Buffalo Ear

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Give your pooch the long-lasting, chew-tastic action of the ABO Gear Outback Jack Water Buffalo Ear Dog Treat. Made from 100% free-range and grass-fed water buffalo, it’s packed with easily-digestible protein. Perfect for tough chewers, it’s the go-to chew to keep your pal busy gnawing—and your shoes and furniture safe—while helping to beat doggy boredom and stress. Since they’re low in fat, they can be part of a healthy diet, and the natural texture helps promote healthy teeth and gums. So bring on the chewing and let your pal enjoy this naturally gnaw-some treat!

Key Benefits:

  • Made of 100% water buffalo that’s free range and grass fed for high-quality, pure protein.
  • Great for tough chewers to satisfy their gnawing needs, and helps relieve boredom and stress.
  • Made of mostly protein so it’s highly-digestible for dogs and supports gentle digestion.
  • Helps keep your furniture, shoes and other items safe from overeager chewers with long-lasting chew-ability.
  • Low in fat so it’s great as part of a healthy diet, and contains no by-products or artificial ingredients.

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