Dog Moc's - Dog Moccasins



Dog Mocs dog moccasins are handcrafted, using American deerskin, often called “nature’s best leather”. The durable deerskin will protect your dog’s paws year-round, no matter the terrain or activity. And the deerskin’s natural softness allows your dog to still “feel” the ground, which is so critical, as it navigates terrains and explores unseen dangers. The “rubber soles” of the other dog boots don’t allow for this sense of touch, which is why dogs hate wearing them. The more natural the protection, the better for your buddy.

Because most dogs have larger front paws than the rear, we sell Dog Mocs in pairs, allowing you to get the best fit for your dog. So, be sure you have measured both front and rear, then place your order accordingly*

Dog Mocs are sold in a set of two.*