This is not a trick... its a treat, which dogs love!

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Pop-Up Pee Pad

The Pop-Up Pee Pad is the first and only patented training pad male especially for male dogs.

The Amazing Pop-Up Pee Pads are available at these and other fine retailers

Customer Reviews
I can't stop shopping here. If you need help with sizing, just email or call. The handmade sweaters are AAAMAZING!
— Sarah | New York, NY
i wish my hair salon was this nice! clean, safe and professional.
— Michelle | Houston, TX
New pet owner here. Lani helped me with food, treats, toys, you name it. I love my pup! And I love this place!!
— Pete | Houston, TX
I travel a lot. If you like to travel with your dog or cat, check this place out. Their travel gear is great. Hoping to get to their store in Houston too!
— Nicole | Chicago, IL
The Pop-up Pee pad is a lifesaver. Seriously. I didn't think they would work. I bet my wife they wouldn't. I lost. They are awesome!
— Edward | Seattle, WA
Dog Macarons, exquisitely decorated cookies and birthday cakes for pups! They also have a wall filled with healthy treats too!
— Maria | The Woodlands, TX
Just tried the pop-up pads. Benji's hooked! I bought the subscription to save some money... because I will be using these a lot. Thanks Bill!
— Penny | Pittsburgh, PA
Love, Love, Love! The only problem with Rocky and Maggies is there isn't one closer to me :)
— Also named Maggie | Dallas, TX
I have three harnesses from Tre Ponti. I have my regular walker in red, my bright day-glow yellow one for nighttime strolls and a camo one for adventures (to the vet and grooming at Rocky and Maggie's).
— Rick | Rice University, Houston, TX
I won't get my dog groomed anywhere else. The groomers are highly skilled and the place is pretty. It smells nice in there too!
— Becky | Houston, TX
Have a food question, ask for Lani. She will take the time to help you navigate all of the options.
— Ben | Houston, TX
I found a bagel bed big enough for my dog and kids to share :) perfect for naps and great family pics
— Eddie | Santa Monica, CA