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Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Your pet loves you unconditionally. All they need are hugs, kisses and maybe something for special for Valentine's Day?

Is it me, or does this photo remind you of that scene from the movie American Beauty?

Customer Reviews
I can't stop shopping here. If you need help with sizing, just email or call. The handmade sweaters are AAAMAZING!
— Sarah | New York, NY
i wish my hair salon was this nice! clean, safe and professional.
— Michelle | Houston, TX
New pet owner here. Lani helped me with food, treats, toys, you name it. I love my pup! And I love this place!!
— Pete | Houston, TX
I travel a lot. If you like to travel with your dog or cat, check this place out. Their travel gear is great. Hoping to get to their store in Houston too!
— Nicole | Chicago, IL
The Pop-up Pee pad is a lifesaver. Seriously. I didn't think they would work. I bet my wife they wouldn't. I lost. They are awesome!
— Edward | Seattle, WA
Dog Macarons, exquisitely decorated cookies and birthday cakes for pups! They also have a wall filled with healthy treats too!
— Maria | The Woodlands, TX
Just tried the pop-up pads. Benji's hooked! I bought the subscription to save some money... because I will be using these a lot. Thanks Bill!
— Penny | Pittsburgh, PA
Love, Love, Love! The only problem with Rocky and Maggies is there isn't one closer to me :)
— Also named Maggie | Dallas, TX
I have three harnesses from Tre Ponti. I have my regular walker in red, my bright day-glow yellow one for nighttime strolls and a camo one for adventures (to the vet and grooming at Rocky and Maggie's).
— Rick | Rice University, Houston, TX
I won't get my dog groomed anywhere else. The groomers are highly skilled and the place is pretty. It smells nice in there too!
— Becky | Houston, TX
Have a food question, ask for Lani. She will take the time to help you navigate all of the options.
— Ben | Houston, TX
I found a bagel bed big enough for my dog and kids to share :) perfect for naps and great family pics
— Eddie | Santa Monica, CA