In-store and online

If you prefer to get your Pop-Up Pee Pads from the source, look no further. Add some Pop-Up Pee Pads to some of the other cool products available at or just swing by the store.


Are you a Prime member? We are 'primed' to serve you via with same and next day delivery available in many parts of the country!


If you're favorite pet store goes by the name of Petco, you're in luck. Click the link below to be wisked away to Petco's website where you can purchase the Pop-Up Pee Pad.


We are thrilled to partner with TSC to offer the Pop-Up Pee Pad to their loyal customers. Click below to order Pop-Up Pee Pads from today!


If Walmart is your go-to store, we have you covered too. Click below to order Pop-Up Pee Pads from Walmart today!

See the Pop-Up Pee Pad 'in-action'