Dog Sushi Meal Topper, 1 oz.


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Formulated to add intense and delicious flavor to every meal, Sushi Meal Toppers enter the Presidio product lineup as the newest and most flavorful topper to-date. This single-ingredient food topper is created using only top-grade Japanese Bonito Tuna, offering dog and cat parents a grain, wheat, corn and soy-free meal topper. In addition to its premium, human-grade Bonito Tuna sourcing and preparation techniques, Presidio’s Sushi Meal Toppers are available in Confetti String cuts for a delicious, convenient, and no-mess addition to mealtime. Sushi Meal Toppers are great for puppies and kittens, dogs, cats, and senior pets.

Made from 100% tuna and without of any additives or preservatives.

Dogs and Cats love the freshness of our authentic 100% Japanese, sushi-grade katsuo (bonito) flakes. Feed it as a treat, or as an enticing meal-mixer!

Ingredients: Thinly Sliced Bonito (tuna).