Dog's Flower

In stock after November 5, 2021


Dog's Flower is a game demanding a high level of dexterity – “4 Paws” on a scale of 1 (easy) to 4 (very difficult). The game trains your dog’s concentration and dexterity, and boosts its natural instincts of curiosity, drive to play and sense of smell. Thanks to its many variable designs this game can be played with beginners as well as more advanced players. 


The game consists of a round pedestal and two movable platforms. The top platform holds removable cylinders, while the middle platform is in the shape of a flower with five cut-out “petals” covering openings in which treats can be hidden. The top platform can be turned independently of the middle platform and contains five cylinders under which treats can also be hidden. Your dog can reach these by removing the cylinders.

How to Play

In the center of the disk, there are additional places for hiding treats underneath a lid. Between the “petals,” there are openings for blocking cylinders that your dog has to remove before turning the second platform of the game to get to the dry treats hidden beneath the “petals”. There are also additional (smaller) hiding places for treats that your dog can only get out after appropriate shifting/turning of the disk. “Dog's Flower” comes with 10 pieces (cylinders) and offers up to 21 hiding places for dry treats.