50/50 Cage Free Chicken & Wild Tuna Formula Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Food, 5.5oz cans, from FirstMate Pet Foods



Cage-Free Chicken & Wild Tuna 50/50 Formula for Cats

FirstMate’s Cage-Free Chicken & Wild Tuna 50/50 Formula combines the best of both worlds for your cat. This premium food blends high-quality, cage-free Canadian chicken with wild caught, North American Albacore tuna sourced from sustainable fisheries. Designed for cats of all life stages, this formula provides a grain-free, nutritious meal with a great taste your cat will love.

  • Ingredients: Cage-free chicken, wild caught tuna, potatoes, vitamins, minerals
  • Benefits: Rich in protein for muscle maintenance, omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat health
  • Dietary Features: Grain-free and gluten-free, no peas, no gums or artificial thickeners
  • Packaging: Available in 5.5oz cans, in cases of 24

This dual protein formula is ideal for everyday feeding and for cats with food sensitivities.