Indulgent Duck Treats for Cats, 3oz, from FirstMate Pet Foods



Indulgent Duck Treats for Cats

Spoil your feline with FirstMate’s Indulgent Duck Treats, crafted from a single meat protein using cage-free duck. These gourmet treats are formulated to be both nutritious and delicious, providing your cat with a healthy snack that's free of grains, glycerine, and artificial preservatives.

  • Ingredients: Cage-free duck, potato
  • Health Benefits: Provides high-quality protein, suitable for cats with food sensitivities or allergies
  • Special Features: Single meat protein, glycerine free, grain free
  • Package Size: Conveniently packaged, details not specified

These treats are perfect for rewarding your pet while ensuring they maintain a healthy diet, even during snack time.