A Better Treat - Freeze Dried Grass Fed Beef Dog Treats


  • DOGS AND CATS LOVE OUR ALL NATURAL TREATS - Freeze dried beef liver are great high value treats. They are non-greasy – perfect for training, as a food topper, or simply a healthy heavenly reward.
  • 100% FREEZE DRIED GRASS FED BEEF LIVE - Our treats are excellent for pets with allergies, sensitive stomachs, diabetes, or dietary requirements. These treats are grain-free, gluten-free, no GMOs, and raw-diet approved. Grass Fed Beef is shown to have 33% less fat, 11% higher protein, and up to 5 time as much Omega 3s. We demand the absolute best quality beef - no additives, no funny business, no nonsense.
  • WHY BEEF LIVER - Beef Liver is a densely pack healthy nutrient powerhouse. Liver has been shown to have 67% less fat, 16 time the Vitamin D, and 23 times the calcium of traditional beef muscle meat.
  • HEALTHY SKIN & COAT - Beef liver is a natural source of nutrients that contain essential fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6, Taurine, Calcium, Zinc, and Vitamins A, and D. These nutrients work together to create healthier skin and shinier coats that shed less.
  • A BETTER TREAT, YOU CAN TRUST - Our treats are made in the USA at our FDA regulated facility to ensure human grade quality. Freeze drying is shown to be the best way to