FURminator Slicker Brushes for Dogs



FURminator Slicker Brushes for Dogs

Keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny with the FURminator Slicker Brushes. Available in firm and soft bristles for both small and large breeds, these brushes are perfect for removing mats, tangles, and loose hair without irritating your pet's skin.

  • Firm Slicker Brush: Ideal for medium to long coats, helps remove stubborn mats and tangles.
  • Soft Slicker Brush: Perfect for sensitive skin and finer coats, provides a gentler grooming experience.
  • Key Features: Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use; dual flex heads to contour to your pet's natural build and shape.
  • Available Sizes: Small for pets under 20 lbs; Large for pets over 20 lbs.

Whether prepping for a show or maintaining your pet’s daily grooming, FURminator provides the right tools to reduce shedding and enhance your pet’s coat health.