Grandma Lucy's Simple Replacement Chicken & Rice Formula Cat & Dog Meal Replacement, 7oz



Grandma Lucy's Simple Replacement Chicken

Grandma Lucy's Simple Replacement Chicken offers a straightforward, soothing meal solution for pets experiencing digestive upset. This freeze-dried chicken meal is designed to be gentle on the stomach, providing a bland diet that helps ease your pet back to health.

  • Main Ingredients: Freeze-dried chicken, white rice.
  • Health Benefits: Provides a high-protein, highly digestible meal that supports recovery during digestive distress.
  • Key Features: Made with antibiotic-free USA sourced chicken with no added hormones, perfect for pets needing a simple, wholesome meal.
  • Available Sizes: Comes in a convenient 7 oz bag.

This product is ideal for emergency gastrointestinal situations and should be a staple in every pet owner's pantry.