Himalayan Dog Chew Churro



Himalayan Dog Chew Churro

Indulge your dog with Himalayan Dog Chew Churro, a delightful treat that's soft enough for all chewers, including puppies and seniors. These churros come in a variety of flavors, each designed to offer a tasty and satisfying chew experience that also promotes dental health by helping to reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

  • Flavors: Cheese, Bacon, Peanut Butter, Salmon, Chicken, and Water Buffalo.
  • Key Benefits: Soft density, easy on teeth and gums, great for indoor chewing without any mess.
  • Health Benefits: Helps maintain dental hygiene by cleaning teeth and freshening breath during chew sessions.
  • Package Options: Available in individual sticks, 4-packs, or a tub for convenience.

Perfect for dogs of any age or size, Himalayan Dog Chew Churro provides a safe and healthy way to satisfy your pet's chewing instincts.