SpaceDog Treats It's Bark-nanas!



SpaceDog Treats It's Bark-nanas!

Give your dog the ultimate treat with SpaceDog Treats It's Bark-nanas! Made with only one ingredient – fresh, ripe bananas – these treats are free from additives and preservatives. The freeze-drying process locks in the natural goodness, resulting in a light and crunchy texture that dogs love.

Product Features:

  • Made with 100% fresh, ripe bananas
  • Freeze-dried to preserve flavor and nutrients
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Light and crunchy texture
  • Easy to break into smaller pieces for training
  • Hand-packed in North Carolina

Available Sizes:

  • Small and Large


100% fresh, ripe bananas.


  • Nutritious and delicious with natural ingredients
  • Preserves flavor and nutrients through freeze-drying
  • Perfect for training or as a light snack
  • Hand-packed for quality assurance