Mr. Peanut's Cats & Kittens Toy with Interactive Intelligence Track Ball Tower, Provides Hours of Mental Stimulation and Physical Play



Keep Your Cat Interested and Active

Interactive cat toys provide a fun new way for your furriest friend to play! People often think that cats don’t like new things, but the truth is, they require frequent stimulation from new toys and activities to prevent the boredom that often leads to behavioral problems. Interactive toys are a fun way to keep these intelligent animals entertained.

This colourful Mr. Peanut's Tower Track Interactive Toy has been specially developed to satisfy your cat’s playing and hunting instincts. You will find removable balls arranged across three levels, which entice your cat to bite, poke and chase. The toy helps to increase your cat’s levels of activity as well as training its agility, intelligence and reactions. 

Once they are set in motion with a curious paw, the colourful balls will move rapidly around. Your cat will try to reach them through the openings at the side, with its paws or with its teeth. The balls will continue to move constantly and won’t let themselves be caught! Great for keeping your cat entertained in the long term and helps prevent boredom, even when you are out of the house. 

This action-packed toy will help to pass many a happy hour and challenge your cat’s mind. 

  • Stacked play station perfect for one or more cats
  • Sturdy construction stands up to vigorous play
  • Three levels for exciting fun
  • Balls spin and roll to excite kitty's desire to play
  • Non-skid pads at bottom
  • Colorful never ending chase for cats! They will literally spend HOURS chasing (hunting) the balls
  • Mental Stimulation keeps your cat healthy and alert
  • No Batteries Needed, Durable Design
  • STRESS and ANXIETY RELIEF - Playing with your cat and interacting with them frequently, you can help to lower any high-stress levels they may be experiencing also great for keeping your kitty occupied and their stress levels down

  • BUILDING CONFIDENCE - To arouse curiosity and encourage physical play can help bring out your cat’s brighter and more confident self

  • HUMAN and CAT BONDING - Playtime is a good method for that. Having regular playtimes with your cat will make your furry family understand that you love and care for them

  • EXERCISE and WEIGHT MONITORING - Overweight cats are more vulnerable to serious diseases and even fatal conditions

  • QUALITY AND TESTING - We use our products with our own pets, and we test and improve our products constantly to provide you the absolute best quality and value. Even our no-frills packaging is designed to ensure your product is delivered as expected and to pass on the savings