Palms Cooling Mat



Introducing the BIG & LITTLE DOGS "PALMS" Cooling Mat: The perfect accessory to stay cooler during the warmer months. Our cooling mat is made from a non-toxic water-based gel. With pressure, the gel is activated and pulls heat away from your dog's body. The cooling effect lasts between 2-6 hours at a time and recharges itself automatically after 30-60 minutes of non-usage (the exact recharge time is dependent on the ambient temperature).


* High pressure seams to prevent leaks

* Waterproof and easy to clean

* Use on the floor, in a bed, in pet cage, on the sofa, the options are endless

* Outer: PVC Polyester waterproof material

* Inner: Non-toxic water-based gel

AVAILABLE SIZES: * 40 x 50cm * 50 x 65cm * 60 x 90cm