Pumpkin Plus Fiber Support for Dogs and Cats from Fera Pet Organics



Pumpkin Plus Fiber Support for Dogs and Cats

Boost your pet's digestive health with Fera Pets Pumpkin Plus Fiber Support. This organic supplement blends high-fiber ingredients like pumpkin seed, coconut fiber, and apple fiber to promote regularity and alleviate common digestive issues such as loose stools and constipation.

  • Key Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Fiber, Apple Fiber, Ginger
  • Benefits: Supports digestive regularity, soothes upset stomachs, aids in managing anal gland issues
  • Form: Easy-to-use powder
  • Suitable for: Dogs and cats, particularly those with sensitive stomachs or irregular digestion

Perfect for daily use, this supplement is a simple addition to your pet's meals, ensuring their digestive system works smoothly.