Universal Dog Bow Tie



Xs- Med. 

Satin Bowtie Collars to match our elegant Wedding Apparel

We have designed our Fabric Satin Bowtie Collars to match our elegant Wedding Apparel. Perfect for the groomsmen in your wedding party or any formal affair, they can be worn with any of our popular tailored Tuxedos and tails or can be worn alone. The well designed Bowtie Collars are completely adjustable and interchangeable, using the Velcro tabs and closures.


Black Bow Tie and Collar Set - 2 in 1 Wear as just collar or with bow.

The Doggie Design Bow Tie Collar set is an innovative take on our traditional Bow Tie Collar. We've kept our same hot-selling style of bow with sewn in lapels for added style and swapped out our fabric collar for hook and loop closure straps that make this bow tie possible to use on any collar. They can be used on our Bow Tie Collar or any collar. The high quality collar can be used separately, offering a 2 for 1 benefit. The bow features sewn on lapels for added style, with simple hook and loop wraps for easy on and off.