100% Hand-Woven Dog Poncho from Walking Palm



Walking Palm Dog Ponchos

Add a splash of style and comfort to your dog's wardrobe with Walking Palm Dog Ponchos. Perfect for keeping your furry friend warm and dry, these ponchos are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of vibrant designs.

  • Styles Available: Beach House, Peacock Blue, Salsa, Sonora, Bohemian Multicolor, Rainbow, Pinstripe, and Salt and Pepper.
  • Features: Each poncho is crafted with attention to detail, featuring unique patterns and colors that stand out in any setting.
  • Size Options: Available in small and medium sizes to fit a range of dog breeds comfortably.

Whether strolling through the park or attending a pet-friendly event, these ponchos ensure your dog looks great in any weather.