A Better Dog Food Freeze Dried Salmon Dry Dog Food



Discover the transparency and quality with A Better Dog Food, where we blend raw, freeze-dried wild-caught salmon, nutritious broccoli, air-dried carrots, and a high-protein kibble for the ultimate in healthy dog nutrition. The simplicity of salmon, broccoli, and carrots allows pet parents to visually appreciate the quality of the natural ingredients. Our kibble, crafted by a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition and AAFCO approved, proudly lists salmon as its foremost ingredient.

Our unique freeze-dried raw pieces include our top-selling wild-caught salmon and broccoli, enhancing your dog's diet with essential Omega-3 and fiber. Freeze-drying preserves more than 61% of nutrients compared to traditional methods, offering a visible testament to the whole food quality we provide.

A Better Dog Food is committed to supporting strong muscle growth and a healthy immune system in dogs with a protein-rich formula that boasts a 35% protein content. By combining ancient grains with probiotics, we've created a delicious mix that supports your dog's digestion and overall happiness.

As the pinnacle of raw-friendly dog nutrition, A Better Dog Food combines high protein, ancient grains, and probiotics with freeze-dried raw elements in a single convenient package. Offering complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of every size, breed, and age, our food also comes in a resealable bag for easy storage and serving.

A Better Dog Food stands as a testament to natural, whole-food ingredients that you can see. Minimally processed and protein-packed, our food is produced in the USA with a commitment to delivering the most nutritious and appealing dog food to pet parents everywhere.

Proper feeding is crucial for your dog's health. Our feeding instructions cater to dogs of varying weights, ensuring they maintain, lose, or gain weight healthily. With A Better Dog Food, you're also informed about every ingredient that goes into your pet's meal, from the primary salmon to the probiotics, guaranteeing a nutritious diet that's both satisfying and beneficial.