A Pup Above | Turkey Pawella Sous Vide Dog Food



Turkey Pawella Dog Food

Treat your furry friend to the exquisite taste and nutrition of Turkey Pawella, crafted with cage-free turkey and a rich blend of non-GMO vegetables like carrots and green peas. Our food is cooked using the sous-vide method to enhance flavor and preserve nutrients, making every meal a deluxe experience for your pet.

Key Features

  • Human-Grade Ingredients: Prepared in a USDA-certified facility with ingredients good enough for humans.
  • Rich in Nutrients: Includes bone broth for joint health and a mix of superfoods like turmeric, thyme, and parsley for immune and digestive support.
  • High Protein: 10g of protein per 100kcal, supporting active and healthy dogs.
  • Single Source Protein: Made with cage-free turkey, free from antibiotics or growth hormones.

Feeding Instructions

Perfect as a meal on its own or as a topper for dry food, enhancing taste and nutrition. Always ensure fresh water is available.