Fermented Fish Stock, 16oz



Fermented Fish Stock

Boost your pet's health with our Fermented Fish Stock, an ideal nutritional supplement for dogs and cats of all life stages. Crafted with sustainably sourced wild fish, our stock is fermented to enhance nutrient absorption and digestion, providing a rich source of collagen, probiotics, and essential minerals.

Key Benefits

  • Rich in Collagen: Supports joint health and vitality.
  • Highly Nutritious: Contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.
  • Supports Digestive Health: Fermentation increases probiotics which promote a healthy gut.

Ingredients and Feeding Instructions

Made with fish stock and sardines, enhanced with raw cultured whey and sea salt. Ideal for daily feeding or as an addition to your pet's regular diet. Ensure to thaw in refrigerator and use within 14 days for optimal freshness.