ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Beef Dog Food



ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Beef Dog Food

Provide your dog with a diet close to what they would eat in the wild with ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Beef Dog Food. This recipe features free-range, grass-fed beef sourced from New Zealand's ethical farms, ensuring high-quality and natural ingredients. It's crafted using ZIWI®'s unique air-drying technology to preserve nutrients and flavor, offering your pet a convenient and safe raw alternative.

  • Key Ingredients: Beef, beef organs, and New Zealand green mussels for a natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine.
  • Benefits: Supports joint health, digestion, and skin and coat health.
  • Available Sizes: 16oz, 2.2lb, 5.5lb, 8.8lb.

This complete and balanced meal is suitable for all dog breeds and life stages, from puppies to seniors.