C-CORE 3D Mat from AirBuggy



The independently invented polyethylene fiber material "C-CORE" distributes back pressure and provides soft sleeping comfort for dogs. The surface is covered with an excellent breathable mesh, allowing for cooler summers and warmer winters, making it ideal for yearlong use. It is also recommended for senior dogs with weak legs.

C-CORE distributes the body pressure thanks to the independently developed "C-CORE PE 100%" made of polyethylene material, whose fibers are intertwined in a complex three-dimensional network structure. We pioneered a new field by using the inside material of a high-resiliency mattress.


  • Twinkle: 23.23" L x 15.75" W
  • Carriage: 31.10" L x 17.32" W
  • Nest: 29.13" L x 19.29" W