CALM SHEN POWDER 150gram (5.26oz.)

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Herbsmith Calm Shen Anxiety Remedy for Dogs

This remedy is Made in the USA with herbs that are effective and safe. Dogs & Cats can get stressed or anxious for many reasons. Most customers say is is either from thunderstorms, separation anxiety, car rides, vet trips or grooming. Herbsmith created this supplement to naturally calm and reduce your pets stress levels.

This formula was blended with herbs based on Chinese Theory. According to this theory, if pets are stressed or anxious it is because there is disharmony in their body. The featured herbs all work together to help provide harmony with the heart & kidney while calming the spirit.

Product Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Natural Anxiety Treatment
  • All Natural & Effective
  • Easy-to-administer powder


Dogs Under 15 lbs.....1/4 tsp Twice Daily
Dogs 15 - 30 lb.....1/2 tsp Twice a Day
Dogs 31 - 80 lbs.....1 tsp Twice a day
Dogs 81 - 120 lbs.....1.5 tsp Twice a day
Dogs Over 120 lbs.....2 tsp Twice a Day
Cats.....1/4 tsp Twice a Day