Cat/Dog SUDOKU® Small - Expert



Cat/Dog SUDOKU® is an innovative intelligence game for cats that has been developed by My Intelligent Pets® and is under patent application. The game is available at three levels of difficulty: Basic with 4 fields, Advanced with 6 fields and Expert with 9 fields.

The game is made of certified wood covered in a water-based varnish that is not harmful to humans and animals. Please keep the game dry and free of water, as the wooden pieces may swell otherwise.

How to play

Step 1: Hide the treats in the indentations underneath the tiles.

Step 2: Encourage your cat to find the treats by moving the tiles.

Step 3: Praise the cat every time it has moved a tile and found a treat.

Only use dry cat treats that fit into the indentations.


We recommend that you start with the Basic or Advanced version and only move to Cat/Dog SUDOKU® Expert when your cat can easily solve these problems. Let your cat watch as you hide the treats in the game to stimulate its curiosity.

Put a few drops of catnip or valerian in the openings in order to stimulate your cat’s interest in the game.

Remain relaxed and patient until your cat has understood how to play the game.

Cat/Dog SUDOKU® should not be used as a children‘s toy!

Additional information

With Cat/Dog SUDOKU® you are supporting your cat’s natural instincts of curiosity and sense of smell. These intelligence games significantly contribute to providing your cat with a meaningful activity that boosts its intelligence. They strengthen the relationship between cat and owner and help to remove many behavioral problems.

Never let your cat play unsupervised. Regularly check the pieces for any damage such as splinters, and do not continue using damaged pieces. Clean by wiping with a damp cloth, and do not use abrasive cleaners.