Cuckoo Catnip Pull-and-Peek Door Hanger Cat Toy



The Petlinks Cuckoo Catnip Pull-and-Peek Door Hanger Cat Toy helps alleviate kitty boredom and lets your cat practice her hunting skills through independent play. The catnip bird toy pops out of his house whenever the dangling leaves and feathers are pulled, daring your cat to chase it back into hiding. Powerful pesticide-free catnip is included to refresh the enticing scent. You can hang it from any doorknob or use the suction cup to attach it to a window so your pouncing tiger can reach it easily.

Key Benefits

  • Attaches to a window or hangs from a door
  • Encourages independent play to stimulate cats' natural instincts
  • Catnip energizes and delights cats
  • Pull-and-peek hanging catnip toy with dangling feathers and pesticide free catnip
  • Designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards