Dogtastic Jelly Shots - Cranberry Flavor

By SodaPup


Let your pup join the party with Dogtastic Jelly Shots! These gelled treats come in Cranberry flavor and are full of healthy benefits like digestion and joint support, plus they're great for your pup's skin and coat. So mix up some boiling broth, pour it into jelly molds, and get tail-waggin' good times going! Woof! MADE IN USA - Healthy gelatin treat mix for dogs - 4.7 oz bag

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS - Gelatin & cranberry recipe - Supports Digestion - Promotes healthy skin and coat - Supports joint function - Low fat treat

FEEDING GUIDE - Small Dog (5-35 lbs) Feed up to 1-2 per day. - Large Dog (36 - 100 lbs) Feed 3-5 per day. - Put molded Jelly Shots on top of your dogs meals or give as a treat or reward.

INGREDIENTS Gelatin, Sugar, Cranberries, Natural Mixed Berry Flavor, Beets, Citric Acid (preservative), Natural Flavors, Sorbic Acid (preservative)