Dome2 Brake Model Pet Stroller from AirBuggy



AirBuggy DOME2 Brake Model

Enhance your pet's travel safety with the AirBuggy DOME2 Brake Model, designed to provide superior control on various terrains. Ideal for active pet owners, this stroller combines functionality with comfort, ensuring a smooth ride for your furry friend.

Key Features

  • Advanced Braking System: Handbrake equipped for precision speed control on slopes and rough terrain.
  • Compact and Convenient: The 21-inch width is perfect for narrow passageways and crowded urban environments.
  • Versatile Detachability: Quickly transform the stroller into a portable pet carrier with its one-action detachment mechanism.


The DOME2 Brake Model comes in various colors and is equipped with durable wheels suited for all types of urban landscapes.