Daily Herbal Internal Flea & Tick Powder, No Yeast, 8 oz



Earth Animal Daily Herbal Internal Powder is a simple, safe, and effective alternative method to protecting your pet from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

By simply adding this highly digestible powder to your pet's meal, you are providing them with pest armor. Earth Animal Daily Internal Powder makes your pet smell unattractive to insects yet you won't even know the difference.

Earth Animal Daily Internal Powder

  • Simple, safe and effective method to protect pets!
  • Creates a scent loathed by insects but undetectable to humans
  • All-natural, alternative protection without the use of pesticides or chemicals!
  • Safe for cats and dogs to use year-round
  • Made in the USA

Arm your pet with all-natural, non-harmful pest protection with Earth Animal Daily Internal Powder.