Easy Walk Harness




Some pups just don’t understand who’s in charge of walks, so they drag and pull their people behind them. The PetSafe® Easy Walk® Harness was created by a veterinary behaviorist over 15 years ago to stop light to moderate pulling. It puts pet-parents in control of the leash and is recommended by vets and trainers. The patented front clip d-ring with martingale loop reduces leash pulling by steering your dog and provides more control of your walks. The quick-snap shoulder and belly straps allow you to fit the harness in just a few minutes. Our perfect-fit guarantee ensures it will fit pooches of all proportions. And, if your furry friend decides to turn the harness into a chew toy, we have a 1-year chew damage replacement policy for a minimal fee.


  • Vet and Trainer Recommended: Created by a veterinary behaviorist over 15 years ago, the Easy Walk® Harness stops light to moderate pulling
  • Safe Solution for Pulling: Allows you to control light to moderate pulling and rests across your dog’s chest, instead of their throat, so there’s no choking or coughing
  • Quick and Easy: Fit the harness on your dog in just a few minutes with the quick-snap shoulder and belly straps, the front clip chest d-ring gives you extra control over your dog
  • 1-Year Chew Damage Replacement: If your pooch decides to turn the harness into a chew toy, we will replace it for a minimal fee
  • Comfortable Fit: Our patented Martingale loop on the chest piece helps provide relaxed control and prevents twisting
  • Perfect-Fit Guarantee: From small pups to giant pooches, the harness is available in multiple sizes to fit most any tail-wagger

    Sizing Chart

    sizing chart
    Harness Size Chest Width Girth Measurement Weight
    Petite 6"-7" 12"-16" Under 10 lbs.
    Petite / Small 8"-9" 13"-18" 10-15 lbs.
    Small 8.5"-11" 15"-21" 15-25 lbs.
    Small / Medium 11"-13" 19"-26" 20-30 lbs.
    Medium 12"-15" 21"-32" 25-50 lbs.
    Medium / Large 14"-18" 24.5"-34" 40-65 lbs.
    Large 16"-21" 27"-40" 65-95 lbs.
    Extra Large 17.5"-23.5" 32"-50" 90+ lbs.
    Measuring your dog is the most accurate way to determine harness size. Weight ranges are only approximate. If your dog is between two sizes, choose a size up.