Waterproof Soft PVC Coated Nylon Dog Collar from Euro Dog



Euro Dog Waterproof Soft PVC Coated Nylon Dog Collar

Experience unmatched durability and style with the Euro Dog Waterproof Dog Collar, expertly crafted in the USA with soft PVC-coated nylon. This collar features a quick-release buckle for easy use, making it perfect for active pets and rainy weather.

  • Material: Soft PVC-coated nylon
  • Quick Release Buckle: Ensures fast and secure handling
  • Colors Available: Coral, Navy, Charcoal
  • Sizes: XS (9"-12"), S (11"-16"), M (12"-18"), L (15"-23"), XL (17"-26")
  • Manufactured: Made in the USA, ensuring premium quality

This collar is not only practical for everyday use but also stands out with its vibrant colors and waterproof design.