Duck Meal and Pumpkin Formula Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog food 4#, from FirstMate Pet Foods



Cage-Free Duck Meal & Pumpkin Formula for Dogs

FirstMate’s Cage-Free Duck Meal & Pumpkin Formula is designed to provide a high-quality, limited ingredient diet for dogs. Sourced from cage-free ducks from France and combined with nutritious pumpkin, this formula is ideal for dogs with sensitivities or allergies and supports easy digestion.

  • Ingredients: Cage-free duck meal, pumpkin, potato, tomato pomace, choline chloride, vitamins, minerals
  • Health Benefits: Aids in digestion, supports skin and coat health, provides novel protein sources to minimize allergic reactions
  • Special Features: Grain-free, pea-free, limited ingredient diet, easy on digestion and highly palatable
  • Packaging: Available in various sizes suitable for all life stages of dogs

This diet is perfect for pet owners looking for a novel protein source and a diet that can help manage food sensitivities while still providing all the necessary nutrients for their dog’s health and well-being.