fouFIT Unicorn Plush Toy from FouFou Brands



Unicorn Plush Toy from FouFou Brands

Delight your pet with the magical Bundles Unicorn Plush Toy from FouFou Brands. This enchanting toy features metallic hooves and horn, along with a rainbow mane and tail. Designed with soft plush and a hidden squeaker, it's perfect for cuddle time or playful interaction.

  • Material: Soft plush with metallic accents
  • Special Features: Hidden squeaker inside to capture your pet's interest
  • Design: Colorful rainbow mane and tail with shiny metallic features
  • Size: 6 inches, suitable for small to medium-sized pets

This toy combines whimsy and functionality, making it a perfect gift for any pet that loves to play or snuggle.