fouFIT Woof Claw Plush Dog Toys from FouFou Brands



Woof Claw Plush Dog Toys

Unleash the fun with Foufou Brands' Woof Claw Plush Toys, inspired by popular beverages. Each toy, available in styles like Bark 'N Berry and Lick 'N Lime, features a hidden squeaker and is generously stuffed to provide endless entertainment for your pet. Ideal for small to medium breeds who love soft toys.

  • Styles: Bark 'N Berry, Lick 'N Lime
  • Features: Hidden squeaker, generously stuffed
  • Chew Style: Gentle chewers and toy cuddlers
  • Size: Suitable for small to medium breeds

These plush toys are great for playtime, ensuring your pet stays engaged while enjoying their soft and cuddly new friend.