Fox + Hound National Parks Acadia Soy Candle MAINE


We are excited to release Our First Outdoor Adventures Soy Candle in honor of our US National Parks! Fox + Hound Acadia Soy Candle Our Love of the outdoors rests in a sense of wonder and awe at the beauty of nature and the adventures of the outdoors. Acadia National Park is a stunning 47,000-acre national treasure on the coast of Maine. This beloved National Park falls in the top ten list of most visited parks in the United States. "One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure" Our Acadia candle will trigger your adventurous memories with every light. The Journey of Life is Sweeter when traveled with a Dog. Top Notes: Leather, Amber Middle: Cedar, Base: Musk, Tonka 16 Ounces