Himalayan Jughead Chew Dog Toy



Himalayan Jughead Chew Dog Toy

Enhance your dog's chewing experience with the Jughead Super Chew Toy, designed to slow down chew time and extend the life of treats. This innovative toy features a unique design that can hold various types of chews, from bully sticks to celery, providing a dynamic and stimulating experience for your dog.

  • Variants: Jughead Super (ideal for larger treats and bigger dogs), Jughead Classic (suitable for medium-sized treats and dogs), Jughead Slim (perfect for smaller treats like bully sticks).
  • Key Features: Made from durable material that is safe for pets, the Jughead toys include a puzzling mechanism that makes treats last longer.
  • Compatible Inserts: Specifically engineered inserts such as the Jughead Super Insert, which fits perfectly inside the Jughead toys for a long-lasting chew session.

This toy not only promotes active chewing but also helps in mental stimulation by providing a challenge to retrieve the treat. Suitable for all dog sizes and breeds, depending on the variant chosen.