Mr. Peanut's Pet Carrier/Luggage Bag Spinner Wheelbase Luggage Cart



Adding Rolling Functionality to Pet Carriers and Travel Bags

Mr. Peanut's Spinner Wheelbase is designed to accommodate the pet carriers (sold separately) as well as any travel bag with a luggage strap. The carriers are affixed to the wheelbase by using the luggage strap built into each Mr. Peanut's carrier. The Spinner style wheels allow you to move your pet comfortably WITHOUT unnecessary tilting, which avoids frightening your pet.

  • Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders
  • Uses Luggage Strap to Secure Carrier and Bags
  • 4 Way Spinner Wheels Allow You to Move Without Unnecessary Tilting
  • 36" Standard Baggage Height With Pull Up Handle
  • Wheelbase Weight 2.9lb/1.3kg
  • Easily Fits in Overhead Bins, Folds to 17x15x5" (43x38x13cm)
  • Maximum Suggested Capacity 50lbs/22.7kg