No-Hide Peanut Butter Recipe Stix, 10/pack from Earth Animal



No-Hide Peanut Butter Stix

Delight your pet with our No-Hide Peanut Butter Stix, the safer and healthier alternative to rawhide. These all-natural chews are made with humanely sourced ingredients and are perfect for both dogs and cats who love to chew.

  • Ingredients: Humanely raised chicken, peanut butter, brown rice flour, agar-agar, olive oil, banana powder
  • Size: Ideal for small to medium-sized pets
  • Benefits: Promotes dental health, high in protein, easily digestible
  • Free From: Rawhide, chemicals, preservatives
  • Manufactured: Crafted in the USA with the highest safety standards

These stix provide a delicious and engaging way to satisfy your pet's chewing instincts safely.