ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush Toy Collection



ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush Toy Collection

Treat your pet to the playful and deliciously cute ZippyPaws NomNomz Plush Toy Collection. Inspired by food favorites from around the world, these plush toys are perfect for cuddling or interactive play, each embedded with a fun squeaker to keep your pet entertained.

  • Flavor Variants: Pumpkin Pie, Puppuccino, Boba Milk Tea, Avocado, Sushi, Taco, Pizza, and more.
  • Key Benefits: Each toy is crafted with soft fabric and equipped with a squeaker for hours of fun.
  • Collection Features: Unique and vibrant designs that mimic popular food items, perfect for photo opportunities and playtime.

These toys are designed not just for play but also for engaging your pet’s senses and providing a joyful way to enhance their playtime.