O3 Beef Mini Nibs Treats 4.5oz


  • Freeze Dried Mini Nibs
  • Grain-Free Dog Treat
  • 100 mg of Omega 3 per oz

We raise pigs and cattle on our own farms in Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. We have complete control from start to finish to ensure your dog gets the best treat possible!

Omega 3s help support heart, joint, skin and coat health.

We feed our livestock a proprietary diet that is high in flax and canola as well as other essential ingredients. By using our proprietary process, we are able to produce products that are high in Omega 3 and taste great.

All of our farms are certified by a third party to ensure that our livestock receive humane treatment. In addition, all of our farm team members go through rigorous training in the proper care and treatment of the livestock.