Orijen Dog Freeze-Dried Bison Treats 3.25


The Canadian award-winning product line of Champion Petfoods, Orijen creates dog food similar to canines carnivorous diet in the wild. Its biologically appropriate formula (a ratio of 80% meat to 20% fruits and vegetables to 0% grain) is High in animal Protein, low in carbohydrates and free of grain fillers. Orijen dog food is designed to mimic the animals diverse and natural diet. Produced from fresh, locally grown ingredients delivered daily to its kitchens, Orijen dog food is free of preservatives and synthetics. Keep your pet healthy, happy and strong with Orijen. Reward your dog with Orijen Free-Range Bison Freeze-Dried Dog Treats made of 100% natural ingredients gently freeze dried to preserve nutrients. Orijen Free-Range Bison Freeze-Dried Dog Treats are made from bison liver, boneless Kentucky bison and bison tripe