Safari Long Hair Dog Brush



Cross one more item off your pooch’s pampering list with the Safari Complete Dog Brush. This two-in-one brush was designed with long-haired friends in mind, featuring nylon-coated bristles and slickers that remove shedding fur, dirt, debris and matts. It helps smooth and condition her coat for a healthy shine. And if your pooch is due for a fluffing, brush against the direction of growth to add some adorable volume.

Key Benefits
  • Designed just for your furbaby with long locks.
  • 1 brush gives you the benefits of a firm slicker and a bristle brush.
  • Nylon-coated pins gently massage as you brush to remove undercoat and tangles.
  • Smooths and conditions her coat for a healthy shine.
  • Brush against the direction of hair growth to fluff up her fur.